4 Actions that will help retailers remain relevant to customers and their in-store expectations

The future of in-store customer experiences, the conversation for many retailers currently. A digital-first attitude has become the mind-set for many, looking at their omnichannel strategies to help increase footfall and engage their customers.

The pandemic is a conversation that we are having less and less in recent months, however as retailers we can not ignore that the pandemic has changed consumer behaviours, and has changed behaviours permanently for many.

The need to remain relevant in this changed environment is more important than ever, and retailers should be setting store aspirations for customer experience, We are here to help, read our 4 actions that will get you started.

1. Digital Presence

Retailers can offset the reduced footfall in-store with boosting your marketing and online investments, to introduce new acquisitions and expand your brands online presence.

These include paying closer attention to your Paid Marketing, Customer Profiles, Key Word Performance and the “Shopability” of your social channels.

According to Small Biz Trends “More than two-thirds of the respondents or 37% failed because they weren’t able to compete or deliver online marketing. Almost the same number or 35% suffered the same fate because of lack of online visibility”.

Your visibility online correlates directly with your store expectations, having a solid online presence is a vital step in your overall marketing and business success.

2. Bring an in-store experience.

A websites main role is to be easy to navigate, give you fashion ideas, give you sign up options, competitions, vouchers, chat boxes, fast customer service and allows you purchase and deliver direct to your home.

A store provides the physical product and a member of staff…. Customers need more, more reason to shop in-store, more perks, more tech. The customer wants an “experience” with an added advantage of seeing the product in the flesh.

Believe it or not you can actually offer more in-store than online with the right tools and tech. Sounds simple right? Well it really is especially with digital displays, show moving images, video content, virtual assistants, motion detection, exclusive competitions, click and collect hubs, reserve items, digital sign up forms, in-store IPS (think GPS but for your store)… the list goes on.

In China for example “Taobao Live made it easier for brick-and-mortar retailers to join its live-streaming channel platform, leading to a 719 percent increase in participating merchants in February 2020 compared with the prior month”. Trained staff can create content that addresses customer challenges in an entertaining way while promoting current products and new launches.

Betta-LED can provide and integrate all the above mentioned within the UK and Globally, we have worked with Motorpoint Arenas, Wren Kitchens, Arc Cinemas and more...We work with SME establishments and large globally recognised brands, making sure your store brings your customers an experience.

Bvlgari Store Front – Istanbul Airport LED Video Wall (June 2022) *We do not take credit for this installation*

3. Omnichannel Fulfilment

Omnichannel is retail refers to creating a seamless and connected customer experience across all possible customer channels, using consistent universal data.

Benefit of having omnichannel fulfilment;

– Manage and reduce inventory costs

– Equitable seller benefits and buyer satisfaction

– Warehouse productivity

– Brand perception

– Customer satisfaction and retention

The technology driving the Omnichannel fulfilment

Customers Devices: Consumers use mobile devices in a myriad of ways, from making payments and managing loyalty cards to communicating with customer service agents and visualising products.

Consumers want omnichannel services: A recent study revealed that over 85% of consumers prefer interacting with brands using both digital and physical channels — a preference that is consistent across all generations.

Many retailers lack effective omnichannel tech: Almost half of retailers either lack the right omnichannel tech or could use additional tech solutions. Without effective technologies, companies will find it harder to integrate different retail channels.

Create the store of the future

Create the store of the future. The evolution of the physical store’s role as a core component of the omnichannel journey has also affected store layouts. Many retailers had been using their stores to educate consumers on product offerings, reinforce their brand’s positioning, and support e-commerce sales. Indeed, research before the pandemic found that opening a new location increases traffic to the retailer’s website by 37 percent the following quarter.

 New technology solutions are also changing store formats: tech-enabled stores, such as Amazon Go locations, feature new models that support customer journeys. Sales associates remain critical to the experience at these stores but play more of an advocate role for customers. Retailers will have to rebalance these elements to reflect the post-crisis constraints. – McKinsey –

4. AI & Digital Store Marketing

Combining AI & LED technology can be beneficial to any store, however these technologies provide your visitors with unique and helpful experiences without breaching GDPR or Annoyance.

Betta-LED can integrate this AI software alongside your LED Video Displays, that will allow you to redefine your store marketing.

Our AI Software has proven results and allows you to measure your in-store digital signage success. See below a recent statistics that will prove how successful this program can be when integrated with your display.

Retailers require performance from their digital marketing these are a couple of areas many retailers lack in;

x No understanding of customer insights

x In-store marketing isn’t relevant

x Marketing in Real-Time

Do any of these sound familiar?

There is an easier way;

To find out more about our AI software that will uplift revenue by personalised programmatic marketing and analytics for retail call our team on 0113 487 7104 or send our team a brief overview of what aspects you need in your retail store ad we will get back to you –

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