How is AV & LED used in the broadcasting industry?

AV in a literal sense means “Audio” and “Video” working to centralise communication and experiences. For the broadcasting industry both, Audio and Video tools are used to achieve their goals.

“Lights, Camera, LED”

Source: Unilumin Group

Compared to more traditional methods such as green screens and LCD products, LED provides many more advantages for the industry.

Backdrop LED Curved Video Walls

Firstly LED provides the right Shooting Distance, which is related to the pixel pitch of the LED video wall.

“Take a LED display with a pixel pitch of 4.25mm and a filling factor of 60% as an example, the distance between it and the person being shot should be 4—10m, ensuring excellent background images when shooting. If the person is too close to the display, the background will be grainy and easy to have a moire effect when taking a close shot”.(Unilumin)

The beauty of these walls is that they can be made to your specifications and can be scaled to any size or shape.

LED is providing more options for the broadcasting industry to the specifications needed, with no restrictions allowing for future-proof newsrooms.

The Green Screen vs LED Video Wall

A great example of where a green screen has been used was at the Winter Olympics 2020 to create, using virtual set controls to create realistic and cinematic results.

However, one of the biggest limitations with this is the fact the presenters and/or actors cannot actually see the environments that they are in, bringing limitations when it comes to creativity and interaction between presenters and/or actors. When the filming is complete it is then time to create the photo-realistic, expensive and time-consuming graphical content.

LED volumes make up virtual stages, not only surrounding the actors and presenters with photo-realistic environments they can interact naturally and freely, making better broadcasting. A good example of an LED set would be the set for “The Mandalorian” where they use LED display to create photo realistic scenes, making it easier for actors to get into character and perform at their best!

The Mandalorian is one of the first major productions that chose to use LED technology. It speaks for itself, watch the video based on“Why The Mandalorian uses virtual sets over green screens” – Source Movie Insider.

Virtual & Studio Broadcasting Capabilities

Over the course of the pandemic, many virtual studios were in full swing, many virtual studios have begun to use LED technology to host live and online events for all kinds of industries. LED technology is a complete upgrade from traditional green screens and LCDs.

Virtual production studios have utilised augmented reality on LED floors and ceilings, creating innovative immersive virtual environments for their viewers and broadcasters. The beauty of using AI, AV, and LED you can create real-time updates and experiences which will reduce overall costs.

AV Integration

AV integration allows for live updates, relevant content, and even be triggered through temperature, sound, or touch. Making the changing and updating the displays easier than ever before. AV is the ears of the LED display, when combined can create dynamic and reliable newsroom environments for both virtual and studio broadcasting.

We recommend that you ask our experts for help when purchasing for these environments as you need to select products as background walls according to different studio conditions, program forms, and requirements. In doing so, the effect of new LED display technologies can be used to there full potential.

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