How museums can benefit from LED & AV Developments

“Often the best way to promote the past is to look to the future” (Bray, P)

Many museums across the UK know how vital AV technology can be to create an immersive and engaging experience for their visitors. Technology is essential for many museums or heritage attractions to form a story and engage with the visitors when you think about it.

Toronto Star Building | Vincent Van Gogh Exhibit | By Lighthouse Immersive 

This Van Gogh Exhibit is a great example of how AV can create an immersive and engaging space for your visitors. This particular This Van Gogh Exhibit is an excellent example of how AV can create an immersive and engaging space for your visitors. This particular installation has been described as “A completely new way of encountering art” (CTV News)

Projection is a great way to create a temporary exhibition space and works particularly well with certain artist impressions and exhibitions.

However, an LED display is an excellent way to create a more permanent fixture, delivering a higher brightness as opposed to a video projector. The beauty of LED is that it is durable and can be any size, shape, and even be curved around existing architecture.

You can have an LED display on the ceiling and floor due to its naturally robust nature. You can update and change the content you show through an easy to use content management system.

Additionally, your LED can be as interactive as you need it to be by creating a sensory environment to pair with your vivid display. LED displays typically consume less power than video projectors and emit much less heat, keeping your costs down on air conditioning, too (every penny counts!).

AV technology can have a direct benefit for museums today. Refreshing content and making a more immersive historical visit will encourage repeat visits from many age groups. You can use LED and AV to drive content to visitors not only within the gallery spaces but also within the reception areas. You can use these technologies to motorise and drive donations when visitors are leaving the Museum.

Educational visits will become even more exciting for our technology-obsessed youths and will increase engagement and learning. This technology could be easily paired with a phone or tablet for digital trails and would be especially exciting if you created an area to allow for visitors to directly create and share their findings within the exhibition itself. This is achievable with an LED display controlled through a content management system (CMS), as opposed to a video projector which you would find much more difficult to achieve. 

Arts and Entertainment industries were forced to shut for several months over the course of the pandemic restrictions. This had a huge impact on museums, but this also sparked a spur in innovation within this industry.

The creative capabilities are endless, create an advanced learning environment and use technology to help drive the past to the present.

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