How to grow your business through the use of LED Video walls?

What is a LED Video Wall?

A video wall is a large display created using several panels that fix together, creating a display of any size, shape, and can even be curved. So you are not restricted in terms of size and can be used with a mix of technologies. A video wall behaves like a single display, but the technology used is far more complex and powerful than your traditional display forms.

LED display provides a level of technology and creativity that is not achievable with any other display on the market.

Motorpoint Arena NottinghamBetta-LED Installation (Feb 2022)

How Can Video Walls Help Grow Your Business?

Let’s move onto how an LED Video Walls can progress your business and be beneficial to you.

“Digital signage creates a 46% increase in customer satisfaction.”

1. Promotion & Brand Awareness

First impressions are crucial to developing loyal customers, building your brand through vivid colours and changing imagery, and video-based signage has almost become expectant from the general public.

What makes your customer find out about your brand?

What makes your customer want to walk into the store and discover more?

Create a modern and eye-catching video wall display that can significantly enhance your brand engagement and is a forward-thinking way to influence your customer purchases and brand opinions.

2. Interactive and Modern

Retail sales volumes picked up dramatically in January, and this increase is set to continue. We have also had a decrease in online sales, meaning more customers are choosing to shop in-store.

Your stores must be easy to navigate, intelligent, and full of interactive experiences using the power of moving images and interactivity to retain footfall and increase sales. LED can be easily paired with AV based technologies which can provide “Virtual try on Displays” to “Virtual Shop Assistants”, the creative ideas are endless.

By using creativity and eye-catching graphical content, you can provide an experience for your customer that they are limited to online and elevate your customer engagement to a whole new level.

3. Flexibility

As previously mentioned, LED is flexible in structure. LEDs are manufactured as panels, seamlessly fitted together to create a display to your specified measurements; they can be wrapped and curved around excising architecture.

LED as a product is ideal for all sectors due to its flexibility. So whether you are in the Retail industry to Music Venues / Arenas, there will be LED products that will suit your business needs.

4. Cost Effective

Due to the LED’s structural flexibility and how it is manufactured, you can work to store/venue budgets. Additionally, LED displays can operate for years without maintenance, and it’s an affordable long term choice.

If you speak to our experts here at Betta-LED we would be able to advise you based on your sector and which product would work best based on your business needs. For example, if you are within the retail industry, you may be more interested in the quality of the technology and the interactive aspects of creating personalised in-store experiences.

5. CMS (Content Management System)

Update your creative marketing in real-time, and depending on the season, you can schedule your content for specific times of the year. As the owner of the Video Wall, you have absolute control with a CMS and are simple and easy to use. Betta-LED can provide a CMS to pair with your Video Wall as part of the purchase.

Don’t get left behind..

Video Wall integrations are fast becoming the done thing for promoting your brand. Big names brands such as Sports Direct, Google and Burberry have all invested in a LED that works with their brands marketing goals.

New store 'has most LED and digital tech in Oxford Street'
Sports Direct Flagship Store (Please note we do not take credit for this installation)

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