How can LED display increase your sports club revenue?

The question is, how?

Firstly you need to know that you can refresh your Club is through the use of LED, whether that be a brand new high brightness scoreboard to a bold statement on the external of the Stadium or Club.

Betta-LED is a partner with the world-leading LED display manufacturers and partner of Manchester City FC, making our team well-positioned to deliver world-class LED solutions for all areas of Indoor and Outdoor improvements for Arenas and Stadiums.

We have compiled several different ways to use LED displays at your Arena or Sports Club to generate new revenue streams. LED Scoreboards are a significant upgrade for your audience, never letting your team miss a trick.

LED sits competitively in the market of sports advertising, making revenue and reducing the constant printing and changing of static signage. In addition, the displays are designed to be readable from a distance and will be an attractive option for many local companies and venues.

Lastly, you can work to club budgets, depending on how large you want to go with your display investment, as you can buy based on square-meter giving you flexibility when it comes to cost.

Now, let’s discuss the return on investment you could make from a high-quality digital display.

1. Sell Advertising Space.

A simple yet effective way to utilise the display would be to sell the space and increase the cost of the advertisements at peak times in the sporting calendar. Furthermore, LED as a product is known for its durability and 120-160 degree vertical viewing angle, allowing many eyes to cast along the display easily.

Betta-LED specialises in Direct View LED display, the latest and best quality LED display on the market, allowing you to have the best, most durable display at your sports club. In addition, corporate Sponsors, Local Businesses, and Upcoming events will be interested in advertising on your display.

2. Host Events.

Firstly, you can use your display for more than just sporting events. Think dance competitions, Graduation Ceremonies, and School Club Events. You can easily manage this rolling content through a simple CMS, which Betta-LED can provide as part of the deal.

The options for events are limitless; even over the summer, you may have the space for a Drive-In Cinema…?

Be creative with your ideas.

3. Move forward, not backward.

LED Video is the future for sports clubs, allowing you to have the extra revenue for what matters- increasing fan experience, stadium developments, and club funding.

Most importantly, investing in digital does not only attract fans but attracts new generations and business opportunities, improving your overall appearance and reputation in the community.

What is Next…

How do you control all the content? Betta-LED can provide you with a simple CMS to configure and schedule your content across one display or multiple displays.

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