Indoor LED Video Walls

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Shining a Light on Indoor LED video walls

With high contrast ratios, vibrant colours and true blacks; indoor LED video walls are a developed way for businesses to interact with prospective clients and staff. Accomplishing a higher standard of picture quality, these displays are a significant improvement in digital signage technology.

What is Indoor LED For?

LED for Retail

Indoor LED video walls are becoming increasingly popular in a multitude of industries including retail. LED is a cost-effective way of advertising your product that enriches the customers’ experience. Videos and still images can be manipulated on the screen to captivate the audience around the store and educate about new products. Studies show more than 60% of people will make an impulse purchase at the point of sale because of digital advertisement.

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LED for Showrooms

Ideal for showrooms, our indoor LED video walls & displays can be used to impress customers, seamlessly fitting into businesses. Whether customising a product to a customer’s exact specifications, exhibiting new product ranges, or developing something much more intricate, these impressive LED displays provide an additional way to connect and interact with your customers, personalising their experience to leave a lasting impression to help encourage a purchase.

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LED for Newsrooms

Newsrooms have greatly benefited from indoor LED video walls and similar technology, with a wide range of stations upgrading their solutions. Displays have rapidly increased in quality as prices have decreased; making them the best choice for businesses. This has improved how newsrooms function, evolving their equipment to better meet the needs of viewers across the world. Featuring a low total cost of ownership, and excellent return on investment, they’ve become the leading display on the market.

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Built For & Tested On All Major Platforms & Devices

With high contrast ratios and extremely lifelike colours, LEDs are a richer alternative to traditional advertising methods. Our Indoor LED displays feature 24/7 use all year round, ensuring maximum engagement at all times. That being said, the video walls can be set to a schedule, to suite the time from of your venue.

Reach an entirely new audience with night-time advertising, reaching an entirely new network of customers and raise profit margins whilst still amazing passers-by daily. We also provide a range of pixel pitches, making it so users can promote their content to a much wider audience.

Seen in major stadiums nationwide, LEDs can be used to entertain or relay information. Use the screens to replay scores, show live feeds or even supporters from within the crowd, keeping viewers entertained.

These displays further work to ensure the engagement of consumers with their surroundings, leaving a lasting impression for many and encouraging repeat business.

Simple Installation

LED panels fit together seamlessly and have minimal bezels meaning they can be tiled together to make large screens any size or shape not just 16:9.

With a lower pixel density, the content on the screen can be viewed even in the brightest of rooms.

Wider viewing angles means the screen retains its properties from any spectator position.

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Brighter Lighting

LED video walls have the highest brightness available meaning that they can be used in a variety of environments without a dullness in picture. Screen panels are designed for high illumination.

The screens are coated so that they are also great for outdoor video walls and waterproof.

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Superior Colour Quality

Video walls achieve true black with epoxy coated LED’s

They also have a wide colour gamut above 95% meaning that the screens have precise accuracy due to the self-emitting light source.

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Reliability & Durability

Because the screens are made from LED bulbs this makes them energy efficient and long lasting saving your company money in the long run.

All screens have a long life with an average over 50,000 hours and offer the best refresh rates of any video wall on the market.

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Get Everything You Need With Just One Tool

We can provide state-of-the-art digital billboards, which can be programmed to display different content at specific times of day, seasons or holidays. This can open up an additional stream of revenue for your business, allowing you to rent space to advertisers.

Outdoor displays produce brightness levels which outshine that of standard displays even in direct sunlight, instantly captivating attention and effectively delivering content. Ensure that the vividness of your LED screens is always at an optimum brightness level; ideal for displays that are road facing which need to have variable brightness depending on the time of day.

Combat ambient light with intelligent technology which can adjust its brightness according to its environment, day and night, whilst maintaining a high level of display quality.

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