How the threat of a global recession has changed in-store retail habits?

Looking around stores currently many changes are been made to increase footfall and make the customer in-store journey a breeze. Here are some observations Betta-LED have made….

Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres are changing how they use their spaces, bringing interactive experiences to the grounds external to the shops, creating fun and family-based content, competitions, or product trials.

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Store Layouts

Stores have changed the layouts of their stores to cater to an easier customer journey, offering more products based on popularity and making space and movability one of the key aspects of the store design.

Tailored Offers

Stores know that sending vouchers for products that are not used by that particular consumer is useless, they are now sending more tailored offers based on spending habits and interests.

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We are investing in Digital Displays and Lift-and-Learn technologies, allowing the customer to take charge of their browsing. All customers are different some like to ask a member of staff and others like to browse and find out for themselves.

Changing Room Tech

Check if the product you are trying is in stock in more sizes, reviews, and request assistance.

Many of the screens are being implemented in-store changing rooms. One thing that is important about a clothing store retail experience is the ability to try the product, and if this experience is smooth and easy for your customer, you will see a direct increase in online and store sales.

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We know that many of this technology, store wayfinding, and general store layout and design can considerably improve the customers’ experience. This is one of the main solutions many stores are looking at implementing currently to prepare and increase sales.

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