What is a forced perspective display?

Forced perspective display has become a huge trend, particularly for product-based companies. You can achieve unbelievably dynamic and creative results through creating these displays.

A recent example of a forced perspective display was showcased in Shinjuku, Japan. Nike AirMax celebrated its 35th Birthday by planning an OOH 3D campaign. The end result was incredible and has engaged audiences worldwide, the two-month wait to bring this creative advert to life was well worth the wait.

Nike stated“We were anticipating a big impact from the placement, and it’s been amazing to see how much excitement this creative for Air Max has created in Tokyo and beyond,” says Igarashi. “We’re always looking for new ways to surprise consumers with exciting, imaginative, and meaningful experiences – this project hit that benchmark, for sure.” – Nike, Creative Review

Nike DOOH Campaign 2022 – Image Source AV Magazine

How to achieve a forced perspective display?

We do not know the exact display used for this 3D Nike campaign. However, you can just faintly see the edge of the display curving around the building which looks to be a transparent LED.

Nike has then created a design in a smaller rectangle and strategically placed the design. Leaving the upper section free to create the 3D illusion of the shoe breaking free from the display.

How to find out more about this campaign?

Take a look at the AV Interactive Magazine for more information.

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