What is the difference between LED & LCD technology?

You may think these technologies are not worlds apart. However, you will be surprised by how different the two technologies can be, and how each one can benefit your business in different scenarios.

Firstly, We are going to take a look at how the products look-like on the surface. 

If you were to integrate an LED Video Wall it would look like the (Left-hand side Image). If you were to integrate an LCD Video Wall it would look like the (Right-hand side image).

*Please note that above images are for rendering purposes only, and we do not take credit for the above installations*

As you can see above the LED technology is bezel-less and the LCD technology does have bezelled edges. You can ask yourself which you would prefer on the surface, now we can discuss a couple more differences the technologies have below.

What is an LED display?

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. Due to its long lifespan, energy-saving, no UV radiation, and other advantages, LED is widely used in various fields, greatly changing people’s production and lifestyle, and bringing convenience.

At the same time, it’s no doubt that LED display is one of the most important applications of LED. This small tube would enable the very first televisions to be built and create the LED display industry that has advanced in leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings.

LED is manufactured in panels, and this is how seamless video walls are achieved, through fixing each panel together to create a wall that acts as one display. The technology comes at a price depending on how large you go, however, you can buy this technology in panels so you can work to venue and store budgets, and tell a system integrator like us here at Betta-LED and we will be able to see how large to you can go with the budget you have.

Find out how to grow your business through using LED Video Wall Here.

What is an LCD display?

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) – This is the type of display commonly found on smartphones, LCD offers black light which sits at the back of the display, this slight gets passed through phosphor filter which then brings white light. We find that LCD is less energy efficient, with its passive and active matrix.

LCD does not come in panels, and will come as a fixed size display. Many products such as “Touch Screen Kiosks” are products that are made from LCD technology. WHich explains when you create an LCD video wall it has edges and can only be made in fixed sizes.

LCD comes at a fixed price and we can help you choose from the are of LCD products here at Betta-LED, we do work more with LED products but we can also source and integrate and provide warranty on many LCD products. You can always ask one of our experts for more advice on these technologies.

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